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Aim 2 Win Patient Care Takers

The increasing complexity of health care, as well as life in general, in India places increasing burdens on families with ill members. The growing elderly, multigenerational, and multi responsibility families, too much distance and too little time, too many demands, too few supports, and lack of resources strain family life when illness occurs. Yet illness is a family matter. The disease entities, body-altering operations, and prognoses of the patients managed by Aim 2 Win nurses are stressful for both patient and family. The Aim 2 Win nurse can play a central role in supporting the family in the quest for positive outcomes and quality for all. The case presentation demonstrates that appropriate assessment and intervention often go beyond dealing with the stoma. Family systems theory concepts are discussed as a theoretic framework for family intervention.
Patient Care Takers are expert in managing patients who are not capable of doing their own work. They take care after such patients with proper ease and treat them gently. They have won appreciation from our clients for the dedication and way of handling the patients. They feed the patients, give them bath, make them take medicine on time and also make them sleep. Each and every step they handle with patience and soft manner.
We offer nurses for patients who requires extra medical care at home. Our nurses are extremely qualified and have a vast knowledge of medicines and their requirements. They are very soft spoken and caring. They maintain hygienic environment around the patient to keep him or her infection free. They provide time to time medicine and ensure the patient is taking food on time and in required quantity.


1. Stay Back ( 24 Hours ) Rs.12,000 to 16,000/- ( 2 days Holiday in a month )
2. Regular:- ( 8 Hours) Rs.10,000 to 15,000 + Bus Fare ( 1-day Holiday in a Week )
3. Part Time :- Salary will be Negotiable accordingly to the time slot. ( 1-day Holiday in a Week )

Procedure, Terms & Conditions to hire services:

  • Our team will come for site visit & discuss the requirements
  • Our team will inspect the site & suggest for changes if required.
  • Registration of Rs. 1,200/- (One thousand two hundred only) will be collected on the same day of our visit in advance (nonrefundable).
  • 08 hrs. ( Full Time ) Patient Care Takers, waiting period 1 - 2 Working days
  • 24 hrs. ( Stay back ) Patient Care Takers, waiting period 15 - 20 Working days
  • Our team will call & bring the candidate on committed date. Candidate will be available at your residence for 20 day's trial (Paid trial).
  • Customer has to pay 1-month salary as brokerage to the agency after 20 day's trial if happy with our candidate.
  • Suppose Customer is not happy with our candidate during trial period, candidate should get paid prorated basis of her/his salary at the time of relieving.

Note : Visiting charge 250/- applicable. We are looking for needy & interested customers. Please go through all our terms and conditions & call us for site visit.

Some More Services

As the corporate culture is growing in India, a professional help called a house maid is a preferred relief to the familieswho find it difficult to manage their household activities