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Who we are

Aim 2 Win is the unique concept of Mr. Peter Prabhu, who wanted to serve the society with his services. Looking into the growing needs of people and also for the betterment of the society he had started Aim 2 Win Consultant Solutions. As a result of which he has given some contribution to employment. We are in the industry for past 5 years. Today Aim 2 Win provides a wide range of services in and around Bangalore. Aim 2 Win has been recognized nation-wide for our high level of integrity as well as for our exhaustive background checks. We seek to instill in our hand picked staff a continued commitment to the well being and care of children and the elderly people and to exemplary personal service to all, across Bangalore.We place an expansive consortium of well-prepared personnel in the Child Care, Personal and Household Care arenas at your fingertips with our Home Tutors, Drivers, Drivers/Chauffeurs, Cooks, Nanny, Baby Nurse, Elder Care in Your Home, Housekeepers, etc. Our mission is to serve the needs of our clientele with core principles of honesty, dedication, commitment, compassion, confidentiality and personalized service. By so doing, we maintain our devotion to matching the requirements off both top-quality and reliable registered Applicants and our multi-generational Clientele, who continue to look to us for exceptional service.

Some More Services

As the corporate culture is growing in India, a professional help called a house maid is a preferred relief to the familieswho find it difficult to manage their household activities